By: Neil Fawcett
David Kidney, Labour MP for Stafford is asking the police for for a "full account" relating to the recent arrest of four men at Stafford Hospital under the Terrorism Act.

The men, at least one of whom is a constituent of Mr. Kidney's, were released without charge after two days. (See story "Deafening Silence" below). Mr. Kidney says he is willing to raise the matter in parliament if the issue is not explained to his full satisfaction.

Lord Carlile QC is on record as calling for the Chief Constable of Staffordshire to apologise over the incident and for there to be an independent inquiry.

Some break in the silence then but will the public get answers to the questions raised by this case. Was there ever a reasonable ground for suspicion of terrorism? Were Terrorism Act powers used to continue to hold the men for investigation of the "complex circumstances" even after the police were sure it was not a terrorism case?

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