By: Neil Fawcett
If you put your house or flat on the market after 1st June 2007 you or your estate agent must have a “Home Information Pack” ready to give to prospective buyers. If your property is already on the market before 1st June you don’t need a pack straight away but you must get one if you are still trying to sell by 1st January 2008.

The pack must include copies of the title documents for the property and the results of searches that are now usually done by the buyer once a sale has been agreed. The government dropped the requirement to put a type of survey report (a “home condition report”) in your pack – but you are allowed to put one in if you are willing to pay the extra cost. You must still have your home inspected by an energy assessor and include a report in the pack showing the energy efficiency of the house and ways in which it could be improved.

What will all this cost? As yet there is no clear answer to that,  but some in the HIP providers industry are indicating a cost of over £600 including vat for a pack containing the absolute minimum requirements -  remarkably similar to the minimum price the government was predicting last year for a pack including the full home condition report.  

Where should you go for your pack? The obvious answer is to get your solicitor to do it. The pack contains searches and information solicitors already assemble as part of the conveyancing process. The only new item in the pack is the energy efficiency report, which we can arrange for you.     

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