By: Neil Fawcett
The prints are abuzz with news of Yahoo's fight back against Google in the battle to be top world internet portal and search engine. Test results from our own site suggest that Yahoo and MSN may now be quicker on the uptake than Google in indexing new pages. The test and its results are as follows.

Intersingulation test.

On 18th April 2006 test searches for the word "intersingulation" were carried out on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask.com. None of the searches returned any matching result.

Immediately following the test searches an item was posted on the Fawcett & Pattni solicitors web site containing the word "intersingulation" (see news item "web site success" dated 18th April 2006)

On 18th May 2006 further test searches for the word intersingulation were carried out with the following results

Ask.com - Your search for intersingulation did not match with any Web results.

Google - your search intersingulation did not match any documents

MSN - Page 1 of 1 results containing intersingulation (0.01 seconds) (returned the web page referred to above)

Yahoo - Results 1 - 1 of about 1 for intersingulation. Search took 0.02 seconds. (also returned page referred to above.)

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