Easy and simple legal fees
Legal Fees

We tailor our fees to give you clarity and peace of mind:

we offer fixed-fees for certain types of legal work so you know exactly what the total cost is going to be from the outset;

if it is an hourly-rates case we give you a clear costs-estimate at the beginning of your case so that you know what work needs to be done and what the total likely cost is going to be; we don't simply quote an hourly-rate and set the timer running;

we stick to that costs-estimate unless there are unforeseen developments or additional work or expenditure is required, in which case we will inform you in good time before your costs-estimate is exceeded and revise the costs-estimate, so that you know exactly what additional work is required and how much it will cost, allowing you to decide whether or not to proceed; we do not incur any additional costs without your prior approval;

we provide you with clear and regular updates as to what work we are doing for you and how much it is costing;

we will invoice you for work regularly so that you can keep a check on how much expense in being incurred and make easy payments rather than being hit with a large bill out of the blue;

even if it is an hourly-rate case, we still offer fixed-fees for some types of court hearing, conferences and standard letters and telephone-calls so that costs are kept down;

we tailor our fees payments to clients' preferences- some clients prefer to pay their legal fees in advance, others prefer to pay monthly or at other intervals.

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