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Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important aspect of website design.

Here's a few of our favorite Search Engine tools and information sources - with comments from Barb, Casey, Brian and Andi...

What IS Search Engine Optimization?

It's the process of giving the search engines what they want to see when they index your site, such as relevant content and keywords that will match what a user is looking for when they enter a search request.

A special note from Barb: 
Far too many e-commerce websites are designed and produced by "professionals" who know little or nothing about search engine optimization! YOU can do a better job for yourself - using our FrontPage Templates, gaining a little knowledge and using some good tools - and still spend a lot less money! We've spent a small fortune getting past the junk and time-wasters - but you don't have to go through the same learning/spending curve. This page contains a few key tips that YOU should know about when optimizing YOUR website for the search engines, PLUS links to a few of the BEST learning resources, info products and search engine tools.

YOU CAN do this!

The most important thing to know about search engines is that SEARCH ENGINES ONLY INDEX TEXT. While producing, then optimizing, YOUR website, put this up on a sticky note on your computer:
Search Engines Index Text!
Search engines DON'T index images!
Search engines DON'T index Flash...

Although there are some exceptions to these rules, (as search engines are becoming more intelligent and more able to index files such as PDFs and the captions of graphic files, and some of the text in a Flash file) - for all practical purposes just remember the MAIN rule:

Search engines only index text - keep this in mind and you'll get a long way to achieving the best search engine optimization.

There is no single, magic, solution that will get your website top placement on a search engine. But you can do a bunch of small things that will add up to excellent placement in the search engines for the key words you select. Here's a few tips:

  1. You can and should optimize more than one page of your website for the search engines; it's not something you do on just one page and skip doing on the rest of the site. For the best results, we recommend search engine optimization on at least a dozen main pages of your site.
  2. You should optimize your home page for your single most important keyword phrase and other pages for different key word phrases.
  3. If you sell different products on different pages, each page can be optimized for that particular product.
  4. Don't bother optimizing pages on which you do not have public content, or pages such as a "contact us" or "privacy policy" or "copyright info" pages - trust me, one will be searching for your copyright info! The pages you want to optimize are the pages you want people to find--those pages with content about your service or product--whatever you are selling.
Final Tip: Don't waste a lot of time and money trying to find the best way to get a high placement in the Search Engines! We have already spent a fortune so WE could learn - and our best resources are right on this page!

Get a kick-start! Here is the most TRUSTED, important, Search Engine Information available! (from Brian's Favorites...)

You can get the HIGHEST Search Engine placements with this critical tool... (from Barb's Favorites...)

Learn Search Engines with ONLINE classes and workshops - and become a Certified Search Engine specialist! (from Andi's Favorites...)

Keyword HEAVEN! Find the keywords that make money for YOUR product or service! (from Casey's Favorites...)





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