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If you want to send us a question - . We post the most useful ones, and try to answer all of them!

Barb Scott and Casey Ryan


Following are just a few of the hundreds of questions we get - and answer - regularly...

1. Search Engine stumped...

Q: HELP! I need to get busy putting my sites into the Search Engines - but I am really getting confused. There is so much information out there, and it seems that every opinion and method is different. ...what am I supposed to do? Who knows the best way to get a good position?  Thanks, Melissa M., California

A: Easy answers to this one! We have spent many hundreds of dollars trying to find the "secret" answers to the challenge of Search Engine Success. After all this money and a LOT of time invested, we've found several critical Search Engine Optimization tools and tips that we'll share with you - click here to review them...

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2. Writing ain't easy!

Q: Do you have any suggestions for writing the content in my website? I really like the template, but I don't know what my customers want to see or read and I'm not a writer either! John R., Arizona

A: Remember FIRST, your content should be relevant to what your site and products/services are! This is critical to both your "customer satisfaction success" and to your Search Engine Ranking!

Search through the Web for good content - you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how many articles and interesting stories that are available for your subject matter.

As for good style, writing capability, etc. - we're not all blessed with these skills :-) - you might benefit from some professional help... Be sure to watch for our newsletter - we give you a lot of tips and tricks for great sales copy! But to quickly learn how to create and write good web content, give Karen Thackston's "Copywriting Course" a try. She makes writing easy! View details of her affordable course by clicking here...

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3. Where do they shop?

Q: I think I understand the catalog and product pages but I don't see anywhere to put a place to buy things. Can you tell me what to do? Mike K., California

A: I assume you're asking about a Shopping Cart... there are lots of great ones out there, but the most economical way to get one is in conjunction with your merchant account provider.

...and the most affordable way to accept credit cards if you're not doing a huge volume is with a "one-stop-fits-all" company like Pay Systems - you only pay $49.00 to start, plus about 3.95% and $1.00 per transaction AND NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEES!

Best of all, you can be accepting credit cards in just a few hours, with no credit hassles (there are some products and services they don't accept). Click here to visit their website and learn more!

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4. Domain Questions

Q: Why do you suggest us having more than one website? It takes me a long time just to keep ONE going! John R., Ohio

A: There are millions of websites on the Global Web, John - it just makes mathematical sense that the more sites YOU have, the better your odds are that more people (customers) will find you (and buy more products or services!)...

Keeping multiple sites fresh and interesting doesn't really need to be difficult, either. You can use tools in FrontPage such as "include pages" to easily update multiple pages - you can even SCHEDULE these pages and/or images to change automatically! Read about these great time-saving tools in your FrontPage Help files!

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5. Affiliate Questions

Q: Hey, Barb, thanks for the heads up about the affiliate partner stuff. How do I get started with the right products and make money? Paul C., WV

A: Take a look at our page providing some basic Affiliate Programs and profits info by clicking here. We also provide some resources - but keep an eye out for our new Affiliate Money e-book for step-by-step info on using Affiliate Programs to make a great income in your home-based business.

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