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FrontPage Templates Catalog - find the perfect website design for YOUR business! OR, try out the FrontPage Templates BROWSER! You can even browse by Subject, Color, Changeability, Name or Number!

It's ALL INCLUDED! You get FrontPage Templates, Domain Names, One Full YEAR of Hosting, a 6 to 10 page PROFIT CENTER designed and ready for you to MAKE MONEY, Marketing Packages, the ability to Accept Credit Cards and MORE!

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Great Tips for finding YOUR "Ideal FrontPage Template" at FP World...

Try the "Subject" section first (these sections are all on the first page of our Catalogs!).

For example, if you're looking for a Photography theme, choose the Subject "Photography" to preview the FrontPage Templates that were specially designed for that Category...

If the FrontPage Templates under your chosen Subject area don't work for you, choose the "Color" section. Colors are the hardest elements to change, so try to find other Templates with theme colors that you like...

Next, write down the Template name and number, and check in the section "Ability to Change Images" - this will help you locate Templates in the styles, themes and color schemes you like, and will tell you which ones can have their images easily changed!

If you still cannot find the "perfect" Template, email us () to see if we have something else that isn't yet in the Catalog (we usually have about a hundred that aren't posted yet!)

Here's a few samples of how to review and choose the BEST website design for YOU!

FPW2012 uses a multi-column layout, plus a few extra features like "I-Frames"... this Style gives you maximum flexibility in displaying info and images WITHOUT the cluttered look!

FPW1401 is a good example of the "Bold ATTENTION-getter" - your visitors and customers will remember your site, AND the unique layout gives you a lot of ways to display info that will keep them coming back!


Soft, pretty colors give FPW1002 the image ANYONE wants - professional but warm - and this unique tab design offers you several ways to expand your display space...


Decision Checklist


Color Choices:

Let the rule of "image, message and attention" be your main guideline...

The more expensive your product or service is, the more professional and conservative your website has to be. Stay with light colors, and choose blues, tans, grays or greens first.

If your website is about "fun things", exciting products or services, or offers "hot" topics, grab the users' attention and go for the boldest, brightest colors we offer.


Style or Design... Which will work best for you?

Check under the "Styles" section to see which key layouts might suit your application. Following are a couple of suggestions for how to use the Style section...

Are you going to put a lot of information, banner ads and photos on your website? If so, you should stay with the designs that offer multi-column layouts - see Styles 1, 11, 12, 14, 16 and 18 as examples.

Do you have a lot of products and "Special Sales"? Try Styles 1 and 6 first - they are both "image intensive"!



Pages you need:

The page designs offered in our FrontPage Template Packages give you the key layouts most websites need and use.

Don't be confused by our page names - for example, a Catalog page could easily be used as a Photo Display page (and vice-versa)... The "Product" pages work great for detailed or "featured" info about anything, and Page Displays also work for all types of information.

Starting out with a small site? Think ahead - your needs will expand and your site will GROW. It's the nature of the Internet and the demands from users that force you to give MORE info, offer NEW products or services, etc. Our FrontPage Templates give you all the BASIC pages PLUS the growth potential you need to succeed!



Growth potential:

Need even MORE pages than we offer, or DIFFERENT layouts?



Logos, Identity, "YOUR Special Look":

YOU are unique, and it's YOU that your customers will learn to trust. Make it easy for "surfers" and customers to remember you, by coordinating and using a custom logo, business cards, brochures and website.



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